Networking With Passion

Networking provides rewarding benefits if done effectively. PNC Consulting Firm offers this benefit in our networking memberships

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 Giving Your Business a  Brighter Future


Event Development • Event Management • Program Development (mentoring/educational/custom) • Business Development

• Pre & Post Event Consulting • Career Change Consultation • Research & Presentation Prep • Strategic Goal Setting

Why PNC Consulting

Due to our eclectic nature, we’re a nucleus of consultants with backgrounds in business, business networking, business management and analysis, logistics, writing/editorial and intuitive consulting we provide a holistic approach to creative business consulting.

The Benefits

 NETWORKING WORKS FOR EVERYBODY! So whether a business owner or not, everyone should work towards mastering the ART & SCIENCE of NETWORKING.

Affiliate Harmony


Membership Matters


  • Amethyst 50%
  • Citrine 75%
  • Sapphire 100%

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