Networking With Passion

Networking provides rewarding benefits if done effectively. PNC Consulting Firm offers this benefit in our networking memberships

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 Giving Your Business a  Brighter Future


Event Development • Event Management • Program Development (mentoring/educational/custom) • Business Development

• Pre & Post Event Consulting • Career Change Consultation • Research & Presentation Prep • Strategic Goal Setting

Why PNC Consulting

Due to our eclectic nature, we’re a nucleus of consultants with backgrounds in business, business networking, business management and analysis, logistics, writing/editorial and intuitive consulting we provide a holistic approach to creative business consulting.

The Benefits

 NETWORKING WORKS FOR EVERYBODY! So whether a business owner or not, everyone should work towards mastering the ART & SCIENCE of NETWORKING.

Affiliate Harmony

Here’s how it works: Based on the current and future needs of your organization, we would arrange for you to meet PNC’s business affiliates who may contribute to the enhancement of your business as well as theirs. Simple!


PNC Consulting Firm can definitely bring solutions to you, your group or business by simply getting to know who you are and what you represent. Check out the three easy steps  to our successful consulting process. 

Each membership provides up to a 35% discount on our services. Which is reasonably priced at $75 an hour. Most rewarding is our business networking match maker if you will, appropriately titled Affiliate Harmony. Which is where all members are eligible to be strategically matched with mutually beneficial people, places and business things in our network based on the nature of their business and goals!

Membership Matters


  • Amethyst 50%
  • Citrine 75%
  • Sapphire 100%

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